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Are dental implants right for you? That’s a pretty big question, and there are many factors that go into answering it. Dental implants are a great way to get your smile back after damage or decay have caused problems, affecting your look, and your self-confidence in the process. Having a great smile is important to feeling your best, so let’s go over some of the cases in which getting dental implants would be an appropriate procedure.

1) Teeth Damaged Beyond Repair

While there are many amazing procedures such as veneers, inlays, and outlays that can help to repair damaged teeth, sometimes the damage is simply too extensive, and the tooth must be removed. This can be due to an accident, or because the tooth simply decayed due to negligent hygiene. In any case, the tooth will need to be replaced, and dental implants may be the solution. Of course you will need to be evaluated by a dentist to ensure that dental implants are an option as there are certain circumstances, such as bone loss, that can be an issue.

2) Teeth Lost Due to Age

Sometimes a person will lose their teeth as they get older, even if they try and take good care of them. While dentures used to be the go-to solution for the elderly looking to maintain their smile, and the ability to eat solid foods, implants are quickly becoming a better option for many. The great thing about dental implants for the elderly is the fact that it can help them overcome insecurities that dentures would likely have caused, as many find dentures to be somewhat embarrassing these days now that other options are available.

3) Adolescence with Dental Deformities

While braces are a common cosmetic procedure that can straighten out a smile, they can’t fix everything, and that includes outright deformities of the teeth. Once a child has reached adolescence and all of their adult teeth have come in, having malformed teeth replaced with dental implants becomes and option. It goes without saying that having a deformed smile can be a real confidence killer, especially during the turbulent teenage years. This makes dental implants a great choice for parents who want to help give their children a great smile, and make it easier for them to hold their head up high, and walk with the confidence they deserve.

4) Lost Teeth Due to Infection

Unlike damage or decay, an outright infection of your tooth can be dangerous business, and needs to be handled as soon as possible. In addition to being painful, letting an infection linger can lead to many other health problems, some of which may be life threatening if not treated. In many cases, the correct course of action is to simply remove the tooth altogether. This of course opens the door for dental implants to replace the tooth. And since an infection typically doesn’t cause bone loss, teeth lost due to an infection are great candidates for replacement via dental implants.

5) Teeth That Lose Their Function

Your teeth do a lot for you, from chewing food, to helping you speak, to making you look good when we smile. As you age, our teeth can wear down naturally, and lose much of this functionality, leaving you with a smile that just doesn’t preform like it used to. In a case like this, having the teeth removed and replaced with dental implants can be the answer. While this may seem extreme, having teeth that do what they’re supposed to do is a must in life, and no one should have to settle for a mouth full of teeth that just make life harder for you.

Getting a Great Smile with Dental Implants

If you’re unsatisfied with your smile, whether due to injury, age, or other factors, dental implants may just be what you’re looking for. With the advancement of technology, implants are becoming cheaper, yet more advanced every year. If you have ever wanted dental implants, there has never been a better time than now to get them.