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At Randall Wise Dental Care in Lakewood, Colo., we offer an assortment of family dental care services. When you are a busy parent, it is easier to have only one dentist for everyone in your family, including the children and any senior citizens living with you. Rather than needing to make multiple appointments at different dental offices, you can talk to our receptionist about arranging back-to-back appointments for everyone in your family. This can reduce the number of times that you must visit a dentist for a variety of services. 

Here are some of the best reasons for visiting our family dental office.

Reason 1: Receiving a Lifetime of Treatments from One Dentist

If you begin visiting our dentist as a young child, then he will have your dental records, making it easier to understand your oral health history for a lifetime. This dentist will notice any changes in your mouth, helping to plan treatments such as preventing bruxism or making a new mouth guard because you play sports. The receptionist in our office will keep track of you and your children’s special dental health needs.

Reason 2: Making Dental Health Insurance Record Keeping Easier

By having the same dentist for everyone in your family, it is easier to maintain your dental health insurance records. You won’t need to keep multiple files of records for each dentist along with contacting your insurance provider several times to fix problems with the co-payments or other issues. Your family dental office will keep your insurance information in its files so that you are billed correctly for services.

Reason 3: Understanding Your Other Health Issues to Avoid Complications

When you visit a new dental office, you must complete a lot forms so that the dentist will understand your other health issues such as having an allergy to certain antibiotics or having diabetes mellitus. When a dentist knows about these issues, it is easier to provide safe and effective treatments without complications from allergic reactions or insulin level problems.

Reason 4: A Reduction of Fear about Dental Procedures

By bringing your children to the same dentist, they will have less fear each time. Parents teach their children to use caution around strangers, but a family dentist becomes a familiar person who provides routine cleanings. If a dental emergency does occur, then a child won’t feel as anxious about undergoing a procedure that requires sedation. At our family dentistry practice, we want to bond with our patients so that they feel comfortable while having routine or emergency procedures.

Reason 5: Reminders from Our Family Dentist Office Staff

If you use the same dentist for everyone in your family, then you will receive reminders from our dentist about an examination every six months, and you may also receive special offers for procedures such as whitening your teeth. These reminders can ensure that you and your children have healthier gums and teeth. We send information to patients with an email or postal mail, but we can also call our patients on their smartphones.

Reason 6: Learning More About Dental Health Care

When you visit our family dentist for several years, he will notice things about your teeth such as an area where plaque tends to develop, or perhaps, you will have a problem with halitosis because you have dental pockets. If these problems persist, then our dentist might suggest using an oral irrigator to remove the plaque, or he may want to perform surgery on your gums to eliminate the pockets. In addition, if you have dental misalignment, then our dentist can refer you to an orthodontist.

Dr. Wise looks forward to showing you the ways in which exceptional dentistry can improve your life.