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Visiting Kendra Lake Park

People love the great outdoors in any season. Whether it is hot or cold, much of the enjoyment for individuals and families is spending time doing outdoor activities. The parks are usually filled with people who want to inhale the fresh air. This venue is great for taking the kids so that they can experience some free movement, and expel some of the energy that children generally have. When you visit the Kendra Lake Park, there will be something for every member of the family to do. One thing that is hard to resist is to take pictures of the beautiful trees and other vegetation along the shoreline of the park. This is a perfect scene for a budding romance.

The park is designed with the safety of children at the fore front. It has two large playgrounds for children to enjoy. The play area is divided into two sections with swings and other play equipment. One side is for larger children up to 12 years of age or older, and the other section is for babies and toddlers. A perfect setting for mothers because they will not have to be concerned about injuries due to mixes younger and older children together on the playground.

A large area to the south side of the park is an open field that can be used for sports like football, rugby, or even baseball between fathers and sons, or teens. It is also a perfect place to have an old fashion family picnic while watching the children play. Of course, there is another area that is complete with grills for a real family cook out in the park. This is closer to the parking lot which makes it easy to transport food and other items to the cooking area. A picturesque view of the mountains is a breathtaking scene that is only visible from Kendra Lake Park.

Kendra Lake Park has a paved walking path that surrounds the water. This is a perfect place to go on brisk walks for exercise. There is a mid size exhibition garden in the southeast corner of the park that tourist and residents alike find very interesting. It is not only beautiful, it also has some educational features that children will find beneficial. It is also a pleasant place for adults who want a quiet, serene place to read, and be close to nature. Visiting the park during the Fall season promises a magnificent sight that will capture the interest of many. The trees turn into their Fall colors which is a vision of loveliness that many tourists do not get an opportunity to see, especially those who live in large metropolis areas.

A visit to Kendra Lake Park provides a great advantage for people who like to watch the water fowls. The ducks are particularly captivating when swarms of them gather at the edge of the park. Bird watching has never been better. The water around the park is very still, so the ducks, and other fowl, are safe there. The park is a place where many people stop on their way leaving the area. They want to get a final glimpse of the beautiful, natural features of nature. The mountains seem so close that you can almost reach out and touch them.

The Kendra Lake Park Vista offers a place where the most fascinating features of the park can be seen from one area. Hours can be spent marveling over the wonders of nature that could not be duplicated by man. Visiting Kendra Lake Park should be a destination on everyone’s list of places to go.