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Touring the Green Mountain Beer Company

A Great Place To Hang Out: Green Mountain Beer Company

Green Mountain Beer Company is located at 2585 South Lewis Way #110, Lakewood, Colorado. It is about an hour and 15 minutes away from Denver International Airport by taking Peña Boulevard. Green Mountain Beer Company was founded by Brian Milhaupt out of fascination in brewing and crafting beer. As a former worker of a “Big Corporate Brewery”, Brian Milhaupt was inspired by his friends to open his own brewery and sell his own brand of beer.


I was in Denver for a few days visiting a few friends. As with my many trips to Denver, I try to find places I haven’t seen or been to before. My best friend recommended that we should all take a tour of the Green Mountain Beer Company brewery. Searching online, we found rave reviews about the crafted beer there. Since it was an “on-the-spur-of-the-moment” kind of visit, we had to look up the directions and hours of operation. Green Mountain Beer Company was open 7 days a week and usually until 10 PM. So we were off.

It was just after lunch that we headed out towards the brewery. Once we arrived, we parked and headed over to the entrance. They had a good size patio, which we were told that pets were allowed there. You can also see the brewing tanks from outside on the patio. We headed inside and was greeted by a gentleman behind the bar. We walked in and looked up at the chalkboard-painted wall. The menu had 10 types of crafted-beer offerings ranging from a selection called “Bear Creek American Brown”, “Triple Trouble”, and “Mango Citra” to just name a few. They also offered trubucha kombucha, milk, juice, and cold brew coffee.

I did notice on one of the chalkboard-painted walls, it had a calendar sketched onto it. It looked like it was a schedule for visiting food trucks and other events. It appeared by seeing this information, they did not have any food offerings inside the brewery. The gentleman behind the bar did indicate we can “bring-your-own-food (B.Y.O.F)” inside their establishment. Since we arrived after lunch, I was still a bit full.

The bartender did mention that there would be live entertainment later in the evening. So we ordered our first round and sat at one of the tables. The ambiance was great. It was new, it had ample room, and it was squeaky clean. We sat around and a few hours went by quick. We decided to grab a bite to eat. In the same area, there was a Moe’s BBQ, Domino’s Pizza, and a KFC/A&W. We opted for BBQ and ordered take-out. My best friend went ahead and picked up our orders while we stayed behind in the brewery.

Evening came, and the live entertainment was getting set up. We ordered our 3rd round of beer and waited for the band to start. There were quite a bit of people, even if it was a Thursday night. The band finally started playing and their lead singer, singing away. The music was subtle and did not disrupt patrons from having a good conversation.

Overall, Green Mountain Beer Company is a great place to hang out. The beer tasted wonderfully crafted. The bartender (which I found out later was the owner) was very knowledgeable and displayed his passion for brewing. Families are welcomed, even your fur friends (but only on the patio). There are clean restrooms inside the brewery. They also had free wifi. If you like crafted beer and a friendly atmosphere, come to Green Mountain Beer Company.