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Denture repairs are required when you have a chipped tooth or the dentures do not fit properly. Most people who are using dentures cannot keep them in perfect condition, and you need to have your dentures repaired any time something happens to them. You do not necessarily need to replace your dentures because they could be repaired to make them look perfect again. Someone who comes to the dentist should also ask if these dentures are right for them.

How Are Dentures Repaired?

Dentures can be repaired at any time, and they will be much easier to repair if you have a smaller amount of damage. Someone who has a major crack in their dentures might need to replace them, but a small bit of damage can be repaired easily. There are many people who would like to have their dentures repaired because they need to get back to their lives. If you want to get back to your life, you need to ask the dentist for a fast repair.

How Long Does The Repair Take?

Most repairs that you have done could be done while you wait, and you must ask the dentist how they would do the repair if you think that the damage is severe. Most people want to wait for a repair, but a major repair could take a couple days. Your dentist will let you know if they need to replace your dentures, and they will give an explanation of the process.

How Are Dentures Repaired?

There is a special bonding material that is used to be sure that the dentures will hold together, and your dentist will smooth over the places where they pieced together the dentures. However, you should ask if that line will be obvious to you. Your dentist can replace your dentures if you think that they will not look that good, and you also have to ask your dentist if they can give you a replacement in case you need to have two sets of dentures.

How Do You Wear Down Your Dentures?

You need to be careful with your dentures, and there are a few different ways that you could wear them down by using too much bonding agent, washing them too hard, or using a corrosive rinse that they sit in every night. Each person who wears dentures needs to be very careful because they could cause permanent damage to their dentures just because they did not care for them properly. You do not want to be the reason that your dentures are not in good shape, and you should ask your dentist for any tips to use when you are cleaning them at home.

How Much Does This Cost?

The cost of denture repair is typically very low, and your insurance policy will cover your denture repairs any time you need them. There are times when you might be over your coverage level for that year, and you will pay only a small amount out of pocket. Ask for a quote on the repair when you speak to the clerical staff.


You should go to your dentist as soon as you realize that you need to have your dentures repaired. You should bring any pieces that you might have collected after they broke, or you could ask your dentist if they need to replace them. Small repairs can be done while you wait in the office, and much more serious repairs take a couple days to complete. You should not automatically replace your dentures when they break. There are times when you can repair them with help from your dentist.