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Shopping at Colorado Mills Mall

Colorado Mills Mall is one of the most interesting of the malls in the area because it has an assortment of places for people to shop. This is not like a traditional mall because it is anchored by Target and the Nike Outlet. This is a fantastic place to come if you are trying to find all the things you need for your daily life, and you could get workout clothes, better shoes, and many other things hidden int he factory stores around this place.

  1. Target

The Super Target that you see in this location allows you to buy things you need like clothes and groceries. You can get almost anything that you need in a Target, and you will find that you could use this place as a way to get your daily needs met. Someone who wants to come here to shop could go intot he Target alone, of they might slide down to the Nike Factory Store

  1. Nike

Nike has a fantastic store that is dedicated to their outlets sales and the shoes that they sell to the public. You do not need to go tot he regular store, and you should not have to drive intot he city for the Nike shoes that you want. You will see all the best shoes on the market, and you can buy them for much less money. You could come here to get better clothing for the gym, or you could find some amazing clothes that you might wear on casual Friday. Be sure that you have come here to get the clothes you need, and you also want to remember that you can bring your kids here to get kids clothes and shoes.

  1. Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory is a place where you can buy clothing for much less money, and you also need to come here to get much more than your coats. You could purchase clothes for the whole family, and there are other departments that include furniture and toys. You must bring your whole family because you can get everyone affordable clothing. You might want to come here because they have a sale going, or you could ask around the mall to some of the other anchors that you want to visit.

  1. Dick’s Sporting Goods

The Dick’s Sporting Goods store is one of the best in the world, and it is sa place where you can get everything that you need for your kids. Your kids will love coming here because they like to play sports, or they will come in to get a new soccer ball, a baseball bat, or you could get new athletic shoes. You can get all your hunting gear here, and you could get the clothing that is needed to remain warm in the winter.

  1. Eddie Bauer

The Eddie Bauer store is a lovely place to find all the casual clothes that you need for the family. This is a great place for men to shop, and you might remember that old SUV you had that has the Eddie Bauer design. In fact, you might still see these sample models.

  1. Off 5th

Off 5th carries all the things that you could get at Saks, but the store is much cheaper. Enjoy the factory outlet because it helps you have a lovely shopping experience including luxury items you want.

  1. IMAX/United Artists

The theater is an IMAX that is hosted by United Artists. They also have an H&M store, and they have a food court where you can have lunch or dinner with the family.