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Can you avoid having dental insurance? Will the lack of dental problems outweigh it? Well, it depends on your dental history. You may be more prone to dental problems, gum disease, and decay. Your dental health can base this on smoking habits if you brush your teeth regularly, or love the taste of sweets. However, there is a solution if you are willing to look at the benefits of purchasing dental care insurance.

In America, close to 64 percent of the population has coverage. And most of them gain coverage by Medicaid, Tricare, Federal Children’s Health Insurance and AARP according to the National Association of Dental Plans. If an individual is covered through their job, then they are usually offered three types of plans.

  • Plan A- The Indemnity Plan is an open plan that will allow you to choose our percentage fees and provider.
  • Plan B- This plan will only allow you to use a list of providers are within the network. This plan is referred to as the HMO plan.
  • Plan C- The Preferred Provider Organization plan is a group of dentist and practitioners who accept reduced fees for the patients associated with a specific network.

Typical plans will include services like inlays, bridges, root canals, orthodontic visits and more. However, cosmetic care is not covered under these plans and dentists need out-of-pocket payment.

Dental Insurance is an insurance that should not be omitted. The insurance will allow you to take preventive measures and eventually save you more because of expensive treatments like crowns and root canals. The ACA states it is mandatory for a business to offer dental insurance for children are under the age of 18. If it is mandatory for the youth, then why not take your dental health seriously as an adult?

If you pay out of pocket versus purchasing a dental insurance plan, then here are quick tips to help decrease the costs.

  1. Receive a professional cleaning at least once per year. They only advise this if you do not suffer from serious dental issues.
  2. Look into Discount Dental Plan options. Discounts will offer a basic annual fee for a discounted price to providers. However, before you purchase, look over the lists of covered procedures to see what’s right for you. Keep in mind that the cheapest dental plans will not offer the best options and coverage.
  3. Ask your dentist if he will discount the visit if you pay the same day. Some dentists will give you a ten percent discount if you can pay the same day or with cash.
  4. Choose a low-cost clinic. You can look online to see if your community offers free dental clinics. Some of these clinics will have volunteers ready to help and assist. Try contacting a community college, university, or a non-profit organization like the Dentistry From the Heart. They will offer a low-cost care option if it is available in your state.
  5. Consider traveling to a different country. This would probably be your last resort. But some countries will offer dental services at a fraction of the cost. Look into places like Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Poland.