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My Day At Bear Lake Park

Bear Lake Park is filled with sandy beaches and the bluest of waters. This is an excellent place to come to camp, go boating, fish or just play. The minerals suspended in the lake are the reason for the incredible aqua blue color. Bear Lake Fun Time operates the concessions for the park and provides a wide array of services and goods. You can rent a boat, enjoy the fast food services, relax in a comfortable cabin or get fuel for your boat to explore the marina. If you are looking for an ideal place to vacation, this may be the solution.

Bear Lake Park is nestled on the Front Range next to Red Rocks and C-470. The park centers around three of Lakewood’s lakes right in the foothills. The major attractions are camping, fishing, boating and biking. There were three dams constructed to protect the area from flooding. The last of these was the Bear Creek Dam. Bear Creek Lake was the namesake for this surprisingly large park. At one hundred acres, this is one of the biggest parks. From March 15th until November 15th, motorized boating is allowed on Bear Creek Lake.

Big Soda Lake is not much smaller than Bear Creek Lake, but only non-motorized boats are allowed on the lake. The Water Ski School on Little Soda Lake offers private boats. The park boasts 47 campsites, three lovely cabins and two yurts. This is the ideal place for concerts because there is no campground any closer to Red Rocks. The park trails are extremely popular for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Multi-use dirt trails encompass fifteen full miles within Bear Lake Park. If your pet is on a leash, they will be welcome everywhere in the park with the exception of Swim Beach.

The park has three distinct areas. Each one offers a different array of amenities for both overnight and day use. The west side of Bear Lake is known for the State Marina. This is located at Garden City’s north end about a mile to the north of the SR 30 and US 89 junction. Bear Lake’s southwest curve features Rendezvous Beach. This is roughly two miles northwest of Laketown on SR 30 near the SR 30 and Cisco Road junction. The Eastside areas of the park are on Bear Lake’s east side. This includes the areas referred to as North Eden, Rainbow Cove, Cisco Beach, South Eden and First Point. The actual distances are between four and thirteen miles north on Cisco Road from the junction of SR 30 and Cisco Road and Laketown.

The Soda Lake Marina opens on Memorial Day and remains open through Labor Day. You can enjoy paddleboard, kayak, canoe and paddleboat rentals. The Water Ski School offers camps and a wide variety of lessons. Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood is an excellent place to go for water skiing school while in the Denver Metro. The cost for admission is just $7 for a general ticket or $5 for a senior. Reservations for a campsite can be made online and camping is only $20 each night. Bear Lake Park also offers a lot of additional activities.

There is an archery range that remains open throughout the year. Big Creek Lake has been stocked with small mouth bass, saugeye and rainbow trout. From April until October, the stables offer your choice of horseback riding, riding lessons and sensational hayrides. You can go swimming in Big Soda Lake from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The Visitor Center features wildlife exhibits and is open every day. During the winter there is cross country skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing when the conditions permit.